when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am
Some words hit you like a tree branch slapping you in the face. And some words rip into your flesh, leaving scars so deep, they never completely fade.
- Corrine Jackson, If I Lie (via rauchwolken)


please don’t base my singing skill off how I sing along at concerts because that’s not singing that’s hysteria

(oh look a jay park super-lookalike) favourite ringa linga cover everrrrrrrrrrr
so addictive to my ears. its top on my playlist now, and on endless repeat.


Do you guys ever have moments when you’re in bed and you remember something awful you’ve done or went through and then just have your heart sink. You try to distract yourself with different thoughts while turning side to side but just can’t get that memory out of your head and you end up thinking about it all night…