when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

just last week, i heard news that two of my accounting colleagues will be leaving the company end June. today, i found out two more colleagues from another dept will also be leaving same month end.

i dont get it. it’s like, everyone keeps leaving and new faces will come in to fill the void. ive only been working there for merely 1.5 years, but the amount of people coming and going is endless. very soon, the whole company will probably be run by new faces- except the CEO himself, that is.

K’s departure from this company was probably the shocker in my opinion. he’s the nicest guy/colleague one can ever ask for. i mean, you will definitely love him as your colleague. he’s super nice and kind and reserved but super friendly and approachable. and im not the only one who’s upset he’s leaving; many others shares my thoughts/feelings too.

i asked him why he decided to leave considering he just got promoted early this year. it was because of this promotion that i didnt expect him to leave so soon. he didnt say much but, he surprised me by encouraging me to try out his position instead. it’s not the first time he’s asked me to do AP though.

last year, he randomly told me i should try out AP but i told him honestly that accounting is really not my thing but he gave me all sorts of advices and told me to think about it. to think he’d actually bring this topic up again now that he’s leaving.

27th june is in two weeks. im still surprised by the news but since all is already confirmed, i can only wish him well just as he wished me luck on joining AP.


If I am upset with you, I will just ignore you until I calm myself down.

I don’t know if that’s healthy or not, but that’s how I cope. I’d rather not explode on you, because I’ve learned that that never leads to anything good.

  • story of my life: i don't know what to wear because i look ugly in everything

yesterday, after my facial treatment, i had a small chat with one of the beauticians and manager there. she was telling me to refrain from wearing black tudung because the weather’s too hot and my face can get pimples easily around the area where it’s covered if i dont cleanse properly.

the manager suggested white or any other lighter colours, and the beautician who did my face were suggesting all sorts of colours for me. i personally dont think lighter coloured tudungs suit my face so i told them honestly that, if i wear colours like white, it makes my face looks black.

they laughed and then the manager, K, said “but just now i put the towel ard your face, it was okay leh! maybe next time you come, i put the towel then you see.”

there was something else she said that got me laughing so hard, to the point where i embarrassingly snorted (its a bad habit, i swear) and then K said “luckily when i put on the white towel for you, i didnt say you look like a national flag! because the towel is white and then your face is so red! everytime you laugh your face turns so red!”

that got me laughing harder especially when K herself couldnt control her laughter while saying it. glad to be able to come out of the clinic positively though, since when they did the face analysis, the results was suddenly bad. as in, really bad and they were all asking what happened that this everything.

looking forward to the next session though. hopefully good news awaits. hopefully.

2 June 2012   / , life, personal