when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

was stuck for almost an hour whilst we were heading towards the lentor stretch but cant complain really. not especially when the sky was ridiculously pretty.

-4th august 2014

i wish the concert wouldnt end. bruno mars was perfect from start to end!! the whole thing was just wow, from his vocals to the dance moves to the stadiums atmosphere. and every time he showcased his dimpled smiles, my heart melted because he looked so handsome 💕

such a great, unforgettable night ✨

-26th march 2014

its not the perfect picture, but it was a pretty sight to see while in the air flying back home. four days was way too short, but i would do anything to be back in hongkong right now.

going to concerts alone will always be awkward only when im at the concert venue, walking past allllll the other concert goers and trying to find my seat. because once the lights starts to dim and the music intro starts, you basically dont really care about being alone.

all in all, gd’s concert was pretty amazing, and im still glad i didnt spend more than 250 for its ticket haha.

-30th june 2013

30 June 2013   / , personal, mine

another night of another suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper bright full moon! i love it!

-25th April 2013