when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

was stuck for almost an hour whilst we were heading towards the lentor stretch but cant complain really. not especially when the sky was ridiculously pretty.

-4th august 2014

dont really have the best picture to capture that night, but hands down this Red Tour was by far the best concert ive ever, ever attended. i cant find the right words to describe it. it was really just amazing.

ive never heard of this song before, but Mean was my favourite performance of the night. guess the little talk she held before the song kind of speaks to me. wished someone had recorded the entire concert. really worth reliving the whole thing.

-15th june 2014

edit: omggggggg someone actually uploaded the entire concert omgggggg

15 June 2014   / , personal

if i wasnt listening to super junior m’s swing, it’d be this song. literally these two songs have been on endless repeat since monday- accompanying me on my way to and from the office, and while im working. its like no other songs existed except these two.

and i didnt know he could sing!

30 May 2014   / , personal

there’re some bits and pieces of weird choreography but i love the one during the chorus though. and, i cant get the damn song out of my head. although.. the first time i heard it, i got reminded of the songs from Jab We Met.

another night to add into my memory box!! wished i knew the lyrics to their newer songs, but at least they played all my favourite past songs, so, yay! rainbow picture not mine, but i loved how all the projects worked out. im impressed!!

- 11th may 2014