when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

i wish the concert wouldnt end. bruno mars was perfect from start to end!! the whole thing was just wow, from his vocals to the dance moves to the stadiums atmosphere. and every time he showcased his dimpled smiles, my heart melted because he looked so handsome 💕

such a great, unforgettable night ✨

-26th march 2014

alhamdulillah it finally rain after such a suffocating weather no thanks to the haze! the rain at yishun was so heavy and the weather was so cooling i wished it didnt have to end! alhamdulillah, gotta love a rainy day.

on a different note, im having another unhealthy crush on someone i shouldnt be crushing on in the first place. things are awkward between the both of us but theres just something about him that is really attractive and i cannot stop myself from thinking about him. i really need to stop this secondary behaviour of mine.

-16th march 2014

16 March 2014   / , personal

(oh look a jay park super-lookalike) favourite ringa linga cover everrrrrrrrrrr
so addictive to my ears. its top on my playlist now, and on endless repeat.

having a major crush on this fella after watching a running man episode where he guested in. i dont know if its the hair or just the way he was during the entire episode, but he was really really attractive so much so that i keep picturing him playing Do Minjoon when i watched MLFTS after that. i think he fits that role perfectly instead of soohyun, but im only being biased because i couldnt get jongsuk’s face out of my head the entire time that day 🙈

but really though, this episode suddenly makes known to me that lee jongsuk exists. previously it was just “oh its him. dont care dont wanna know”. now its like “aksjdajdroolsskhdhlaf”

-16th feb 2014

love love love that singapores been mighty windy recently!

was waiting for a taxi earlier tonight and the wind was super duper strong ya allaaaaaaah if its going to be this windy during the march marathon, its going to be one heck of a shiok run against the wind!

speaking of a super duper strong wind, i almost got blown away the other morning while walking to my office. ok maybe not blown away but ya allah,  the wind made me lose my balance i ended up laughing to myself on the spot.

and speaking of march marathon, i actually signed up for a run oh the horror. a few weeks ago i told abah about it while in the car on the way home, and he was like “YOU?! LARI MARATHON?! YOU???? biar betul!”

chill papa. tak perlu overreact please. when he asked how far it was and i replied 5km, he just… laughed. tsk tsk. but then he started encouraging and said i needed to train yadayadayada.

adek lagi teruk. he overheard me telling ibu about it in the room, and he came into the room and said “huh? you nak lari 5km? bukan makan 5 jam?”

ape je.

-27th january 2014