when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

glad thursday was over. abah finally shut us up by eventually bringing forward his appointment, and undergoing the op to tackle the endless pain in his chest. kakak and i took leave so we pretty much spent almost an entire day at ktph. waiting for an empty room was a killer though, super duper long!! but i ended up sleeping halfway, so it wasnt so bad haha.

abah’s at home now, resting well and being restless at the same time. he’s got a month of medical leave, but im guessing it wont be a ‘peaceful’ leave. his boss just sent him a text saying he’ll be disturbed on some office matters, pfft 😒

-19th january 2014

i really love this song. i keep repeating taeyang’s part though. but the whole song is really nice. really really nice.

in the words of my favourite blogger,

2013, Alhamdulillah. 2014, Bismillah

left work super early because abah was fetching and also because i wanted to catch the Gremlins on channel 5 just now hahaha. my favouriteeeeee!!!

-26th dec 2013

the family came back from their vietnam trip last night. as great as it was to have the entire house all to myself for the short duration they were away, it is still better to be waking up to people snoring instead of complete silence haha

they got me some nice gifts, including a pair of black ballet flats!! i was super happy because the shoes i bought online came on friday, but it was super upsetting that 3 of them were oversized even though it was my usual size T_T and i was desperate for a black shoe so the flats came at a perfect timing, thank god.

and, then i heard from kakak that abah’s pain got worst on their first day there. she said they had to keep resting after walking a few distance and that night, abah kept sitting up and laying down on the bed and couldnt sleep. that was major worrying because.. abah doesnt really voice out the pain, so we dont know exactly how exactly he’s feeling, or how painful it really is.

i also found out that my uncle was actually afraid of flying too. he recollected a time when the plane he was in went through a bad turbulence, and then he said “kereta, kalau kereta berhenti, maseh kat road kan? kapal kalau berhenti, maseh ada laut kan? tapi kalau kapal terbang berhenti?” this is also why i fear flying.

ibu and bik dah’s planning to go vietnam again before raya next year to buy some kain. im not sure if they’ll go ahead with the plan but im tempted to join them if they do!

-22nd dec 2013