when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

so stoked channel 5 was replaying Growing Up again!! it sucks that they replayed it during the weekdays lunch hour slot, but so glad i managed to catch it today since i took today off!

my favourite local drama hands down. and i can never get enough of andrew seow’s acting in this drama. the best!

-20th dec 2013

i caught The Heirs’ virus pretty late, and im only at its 8th episode now. but im so glad i started watching it though. otherwise i wouldnt have known kim woobin existed!! 😊

i didnt like him in the beginning and his eyebrows annoy me, but after a while, he just grows on me. and i love the bad boy character he’s playing. he’s perfect!! and hot too *fans self*

i mean, just look at him! why so perfect 😭

-1st dec 2013

was watching ‘there was a time’ on channel 5 just now and the episode was about the racial riots in singapore.

hearing abah’s account of when he was a teenager back when all those fights and bombs were going on was interesting. his kampung is in geylang area and he said the bombs going off here and there was pretty much an everyday-sound.

i asked him “abeh bila you dengar bunyi bom, you buat apa? you tak panic ke?” and all he replied was “buat apa? kita lari kluar tengok ah. nak panic buat apa. everyday dengar bunyi bom.”

-25th nov 2013

sya, who recently came back from korea, came over to my desk, happily waving the socks in her hand and said, “since i tak boleh bawak balek orang nya, i belikan you stokin top!!”

-22nd nov 2013

it was supposed to be a box of chocolates, but it ended up being a bottle of beer instead 😅 the story behind it is pretty amusing- jo had a good laugh about it. well at least the recipient was appreciative of it! “siti, the three of us are sharing this!” haha

-20th november 2013