when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

tomorrow marks the start of hell week. the auditors will be making themselves comfortable in the office, ap will be busy rushing out as many payments as we can for nor ou, and november month end closing will be brought forward earlier because of the migration.

im fearing the auditors the most because my suppliers recon havent been updated at its best and im freaking out because boss told us theyll be relying heavily on that so im pretty much dead when they start hounding me with questions.

god willing, everything will go smoothly. just hoping i dont end up dead by the end of the week.

-24th nov 2013

currently obsessing over ji sung through secret love. he’s perfect 💘

im feeling super cold at the moment thanks to the perfect weather and the only thing i want to do this instance is to slurp down this seriously sedap chicken kebab noodles from Al-Maidah Restaurant if i recall the name correctly.

someone fly me back to hong kong please. ill scrub your toilets for a month, seriously.

its not the perfect picture, but it was a pretty sight to see while in the air flying back home. four days was way too short, but i would do anything to be back in hongkong right now.

ibu was telling me how annoying it is to top up adeks ezlink card because there will always be a problem with topping up using nets. and tonight was no exception. ibu said her atm card got stuck inside the machine and she had to approach the staff for help.

ibu: tah! yang you ckp handsome tu yang budak melayu yang tinggi skali tu kan?

myself: aah, kenapa?

ibu: haha tadi dia tolong ibu. ada lah satu perempuan kat counter tu tapi bila i ckp card i stuck, dia ckp “oh tunggu skejap. biar si handsome tu tolong. handsome! pegi tolong!” hahahaha

ibu even reenacted how the lady staff pointed to ‘handsome’ when she said “handsome, pegi tolong!”. ibu sure sounded happy telling me about it though haha! and well, at least now she knows who this handsome fella finally is hehe

-25th sept 2013