when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

ibu was telling me how annoying it is to top up adeks ezlink card because there will always be a problem with topping up using nets. and tonight was no exception. ibu said her atm card got stuck inside the machine and she had to approach the staff for help.

ibu: tah! yang you ckp handsome tu yang budak melayu yang tinggi skali tu kan?

myself: aah, kenapa?

ibu: haha tadi dia tolong ibu. ada lah satu perempuan kat counter tu tapi bila i ckp card i stuck, dia ckp “oh tunggu skejap. biar si handsome tu tolong. handsome! pegi tolong!” hahahaha

ibu even reenacted how the lady staff pointed to ‘handsome’ when she said “handsome, pegi tolong!”. ibu sure sounded happy telling me about it though haha! and well, at least now she knows who this handsome fella finally is hehe

-25th sept 2013

i LOVE this choreography SO much. every bit of it. it helps that the song is so upbeat and catchy. its perfect.

just five days. FIVE days away from work and i already felt lost today. like, my body clock messed up and my brain still thinking it was another off day and my body so reluctant to leave the bed. waaah, i even thought today was Thursday! THURSDAY?!!! -.-“

worst, my self esteem dropped to a minus digit T_T during the entire 5 days, i neglected my skincare routine completely- very bad choice considering how i spent wednesday cleaning the house and i could feel alllll the dust/oil/sweat/etc on my face and i didnt wash it all off properly because i was so tired and i couldnt be bothered.

and then yesterday night, i realised my face has alot of this tiny red bumps and it made my skin looked soooooo bad and soooooo dry and even uglier than before :””( i wanted to cry i tell you. it was almost as if my skin was back to square one where red blotches and dryness and everything bad was visible on my face.

sigh. the other day before ramadhan started, a friend and a colleague both pointed out that my face was better than before and i actually panicked because… its a jinx. everytime someone says something good or compliments me, the opposite seem to follow not long later! i am not even kidding. i mean, as it is, i am in the “opposite” now T_T

-12th august 2013

just finished watching the final episode of we got married global. the final two episodes definitely brought a lot of tears out. taecgui’s farewell was probably most tear-inducing- especially when the train arrived and then emma’s face was just… :(

and then when the train leaves and emma had to turn around and couldnt stop crying, my heart cried too. it was so sad! :(

hongki & mina’s… wah mina cries so easily and everytime she cries, i ended up crying too. i love love love hongkis farewell present to mina though. the song was perfect :’) and the necklace was so pretty! man, i wish there were more episodes of these two couples!

and, i actually really disliked tacyeon eversince i knew of 2pm, but this show made me really really really like him now. really.

-14th july 2013

14 July 2013   / , personal

going to concerts alone will always be awkward only when im at the concert venue, walking past allllll the other concert goers and trying to find my seat. because once the lights starts to dim and the music intro starts, you basically dont really care about being alone.

all in all, gd’s concert was pretty amazing, and im still glad i didnt spend more than 250 for its ticket haha.

-30th june 2013

30 June 2013   / , personal, mine