when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

today morning, we had a company meeting and our ceo started the meeting with an explanation of why he has been walking funnily since yesterday- he broke his calf while playing tennis over the weekend. he said that sometimes, he accidentally put pressure on the wrong foot and end up letting out an involuntary screech and he apologized to us in advance in case we were to hear any. we were already laughing by then before he continued, “it actually happened when i came to work this morning. you shouldve seen the faces on the rest of them in the lift” lol

then when me and bee were leaving the ofis that evening, we bumped into him at the lobby waiting for the lift to go down. and he was walking reeeally slow and then he told us “this is how old people walk hahaha”

and when we reached ground level and exit the lift, he turned to us and said “bye! you guys will be faster than me!” hahaha gotta love this ceo of mine

-23rd april 2013

23 April 2013   / , personal

just read news that one of my favourite local actor just passed away. the news hit me very hard to be honest. i love that guy. one of the best actors singapore could ever asked for. the best. i will definitely miss seeing him on all those channel 8 dramas.

RIP Huang Wen Yong 😥

20 April 2013   / , personal

im in l.o.v.e. with him. so so so so so so so cute. and, he’s a drummer. what else needs to be said?

i actually enjoyed their concert way much more than i did during big bang’s concert. surprise surprise. but everything about bluemoon was awesome. and minhyuk was so sflhasdlkfhaslkdfh cant wait for them to hit singapore again.

true. when i “lose” my money by buying (for example) the most expensive concert tickets or merchandises, it is for a good cause you know. because it makes me happy. haha. ha. ha.