when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

amazing. a-ma-zing. everything about it was pure entertainment. the best! god, i wish it wouldnt end! cnblue daebak!!

yesterday night, amidst all the mixed emotions built up throughout the week, i had typed this full-blown rant on a particular colleague who pretty much was the cause of it.

crazy heavy workload caused me to stress out like never before along with that same colleague who was supposed to share my load but didnt. needless to say, it led me to a breakdown at work itself. i failed at staying strong this time and actually lost faith. guess i was just too overwhelmed.

anyway, i had meant to publish that rant (and backdate it as always), but then i read it again and it was super angsty and rude so… that should never see the light of day ever.

march… was definitely one of the worst months so far. january was amazing. february was a little wobbly. but march was the worst. and now, it’s brought itself into april. first week of april has been pure torture so to speak, worst, i was nursing a sore throat and the on-off flu. and as if to top an already bad week/month, my self esteem took another very very very bad hit to the point i dont even want to go out and face the world.

it sucks. it really does. it”s only been 3+ months into 2013, but march/april was like a summary of the entire 2012. im kinda of scared to see what else the rest of this month, or year, has in store for me to be honest.

too bad time cant be turned back.

7 April 2013   / , personal

one of the most overwhelming days at work this week, to the point where i literally broke down at my seat. hate days like this but so thankful its over.

last working day of the week tmr. cant wait to welcome the weekends already.

-4th april 2013

4 April 2013   / , personal

you know something isnt right when a colleague of yours who always and loves to call you by your nickname starts calling you by your name instead and stops greeting you whenever you pass by each other in the office.

like the other day, when me and a group of my colleagues were in the lift on the way to lunch, usually she would be screaming “SMALL ONE!” and tries to poke my sides to make me jump. but that day, she didnt even looked at me. didnt even say anything to me at all.

i dont know what happened or why, but her abrupt non-talking to me affected me quite badly, if i were to be honest.

-1st april 2013

1 April 2013   / , personal

pedas soto ayam is very pedas soto ayam. i think the makcik there was trying to torture me and my colleague to death by extreme spiciness. i literally took only two spoonful of the soup and my mouth and throat was burning.

aunty ching was like “why you both sss-sss-ahh-ahh like that?” (you know that sound you make when you eat something spicy, yeah thats it). for the record, i can tahan spicy food ok? but this.. this was too overwhelmingly spicy to the point where my eyes were almost tearing and i couldnt keep my mouth closed.

both of us ended up eating only the lontong and the chicken completely drained from the sop. we were saying if anyone has diarhoea or flu, this would probably be a remedy. i mean, look at the soto sop man! i knew it was trouble before i even opened the lid!

- 11th march 2013