when the mirror speaks, the reflection lies
still trying to figure out who i am

just read news that one of my favourite local actor just passed away. the news hit me very hard to be honest. i love that guy. one of the best actors singapore could ever asked for. the best. i will definitely miss seeing him on all those channel 8 dramas.

RIP Huang Wen Yong 😥

20 April 2013   / , personal

im in l.o.v.e. with him. so so so so so so so cute. and, he’s a drummer. what else needs to be said?

i actually enjoyed their concert way much more than i did during big bang’s concert. surprise surprise. but everything about bluemoon was awesome. and minhyuk was so sflhasdlkfhaslkdfh cant wait for them to hit singapore again.

true. when i “lose” my money by buying (for example) the most expensive concert tickets or merchandises, it is for a good cause you know. because it makes me happy. haha. ha. ha.

amazing. a-ma-zing. everything about it was pure entertainment. the best! god, i wish it wouldnt end! cnblue daebak!!